A page out of Nola's book: a book lover's case for reading
Nola Schuetze, Contributor • May 23, 2022

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin  The smell of freshly...

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Social media threatens teens' self image
Matthew Tuhey, Contributor • May 23, 2022

The only thing I remember from quarantine were short breaks from the confines of my computer screen. Hundreds of hours of my life were spent...

Twins branching off
Harry Dear, Staffer • May 23, 2022

Last month, my fraternal twin Charles got COVID. I got the text during sixth period on a Friday that he was positive and I was sent to go stay...

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Boys volleyball optimistic about state run
Archie Beecroft, Sports Editor • June 27, 2022

The boys volleyball team is having another fantastic season, going 20-8, and sees the possibility of their first state title in school history. Last...

Boys tennis season recap
June 27, 2022

Due to the ongoing construction of the OPRF tennis courts, the boys tennis team has spent their entire season on the road. Despite this, they...

Boys runners on track for success
April 29, 2022

As February rolled into March and March into April, people all around the Midwest were chomping at the bit for some nice weather to get outside. The...

A note for rising seniors
Greta Kirby, Staffer • May 23, 2022

1. Go to school events and sports games. This year is your last chance. 2. Your counselors are there as a resource, use them! 3. Common App should be your friend, not your enemy. It can seem daunting at first, but once you learn how to use it, it is so helpful. 4. Do not let your test scores freak you out, they are not everything and they do not determine how smart you are. 5. I remember being...

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Gun incident triggers concern
Alex Goldstein, Staffer • May 23, 2022

Around 12:19 p.m. on May 3, one of OPRF’s deans received a call from the Oak Park Police Department (OPPD). The call was “to alert us that...

Baking outside the box
Gabe Kedziora, Managing Editor • May 23, 2022

  A long-running OPRF tradition has returned after a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions. On May 3 the OPRF baking and pastry...

OPRF considers later start
Abby Ryan, Staffer • May 23, 2022

In the fall, OPRF did a ThoughtExchange survey about having a block schedule or a later start to the school day next year. The results, gathered...

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Foreign war hits home
Gabe Kedziora, Managing Editor • May 13, 2022

While I was getting ready for another busy weekend filled with homework, my family was preparing for a potential war with Russia igniting in...