Seniors Owen Campbell and Mena Patel

Huskies take over Lolla

Greta Kirby, Staffer October 2, 2021

Every summer, hundreds of thousands of people travel to Chicago, Illinois to attend the annual music festival, Lollapalooza. And every year you can find “L” cars crammed with OPRF students traveling...

Senior R.C. Davis

OPRF spoken word student wins prestigious national poetry award

Gabe Kedziora, Staffer October 2, 2021

In room 3348, the creative minds of the Spoken Word Club meet to write and improve their poetry. The room is small, about six people wide. Across from a poster of famous boxer Muhammad Ali lies a cabinet...

Photo courtesy of Christian Robinson

Spoken word teacher rich in musical talent

Max Friedman, Staffer September 28, 2021

Music has always been an integral part of different cultures and lifestyles. People imbue their music with personality, found through various experiences, like relationships. Music has become a way for...

Infographic from the Stanford History Education Group

OPRF staff puts facts first in championing media literacy

Max Friedman, Staffer September 28, 2021

People constantly absorb information. Information is either used, shared, or discarded. The world is run on information. For information to be used properly, it must be assessed for accuracy and bias....

Strong as an OPRF freshman

Cecily Strong memoir a unique tribute to loss

Elizabeth Short, A&E Editor September 28, 2021

SNL cast member and former OPRF student Cecily Strong’s memoir, “This Will All Be Over Soon,” is a moving time capsule commemorating both the loss of her cousin and the collective loss the world...

Holmes, sweet Holmes Miss Holmes a modern take on classic mystery

Holmes, sweet Holmes “Miss Holmes” a modern take on classic mystery

Maggie Marko, Staffer September 27, 2021

Theater is back! The second in-person play since the beginning of the pandemic is “Miss Holmes,'' written by Christopher Walsh and directed by English teacher James Bell. The play, a period piece...

The cover of DePooters most recent single

L.E.D. lights up OPRF music scene

Cora Gardner, Staffer September 27, 2021

Music has always been a part of OPRF senior Ellie DePooter’s life. When she was younger, the DePooter family would take road trips. Miles of road ahead of them and nothing but idle chatter to fill it....

OPRF English teacher Laura Young

OPRF English teacher set to publish novel

Abby Ryan, Staffer September 27, 2021

From an outsider’s perspective, books appear on shelves fully formed, and plots come to authors like magic. From a writer’s perspective, the writing process can be a years-long task, consisting of...

A promotional poster for Godzilla vs. Kong

Review: Godzilla vs. Kong

Dante Berry, Staffer May 21, 2021

On March 31, two notorious characters from different franchises battled it out on the big screen. “Godzilla vs Kong” was one of the most anticipated movies of 2021, and it is still being viewed globally. As...

April Horoscopes

Isabel Richmond, Staffer April 5, 2021

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) Explore your creative side this month! Indulge in things you’ve maybe never tried before. Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) Make sure to keep tabs on relationships; your...

Credit False Publication

False Publication: up and coming band of OPRF students

Gabriel Kedziora, Staffer April 5, 2021

False Publication is an emerging rap and hip hop, student-led music group based at OPRF whose perseverance, dedication, and passion throughout the pandemic are inspiring during a time of fear and uncertainty....

Theatre dept receives grant, Working resumes

Sophia Desai, Arts & Entertainment Editor February 26, 2021

After about four months of stressing about how they would pay for “Working: the Musical” streaming fourth quarter, the Oak Park and River Forest Alumni Association swooped in with a $9,000 donation...

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