Van Duinens mural at the Grand Rapids Childrens Museum

OPRF art teacher builds community with murals

Kristina Bray, Contributor December 13, 2021

Art is a form of creative skill, imagination, and an expressive mouthpiece for so many who take its interest. In Oak Park and River Forest, there are countless artists who express themselves and inspire...

August Schwob performs with CYSO

Prestigious youth orchestra attracts OPRF students

Gabe Kedziora, Staffer December 13, 2021

The Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras (CYSO) is a prestigious musical organization with OPRF student members. Allen Tinkham, the music director at CYSO, described the application process. “When we hear...

Student musicians rehearse for Prisms

Prisms illuminates OPRF

Harrison Dear, Opinion Editor December 13, 2021

Editor's Note: This article was printed before the show happened. An article on the performance will be published next month. After a brief cancellation, Prisms of Winter, the annual music festival at...

Review: Adeles 30

Review: Adele’s “30”

Jackson Hassler, News Editor December 13, 2021

Adele’s fourth studio album, "30," is a strong, emotionally-loaded body of work surrounding her divorce from ex-husband, the resulting impact on her and her son, and finding new love. The album, straddling...

Patron Saints of Nothing is something special

“Patron Saints of Nothing” is something special

Abby Ryan, Staffer December 13, 2021

Typically, when schools talk about the War on Drugs, they talk about the United States’ effort since the 1970s to control drug abuse. However, there is a much more recent War on Drugs -- one taking place...

One of Bowkers pronoun pins, with a variety of colors and large lettering

OPRF student promotes equity, inclusion through pronoun pins

Cora Gardner, Staffer December 11, 2021

In mid-September, OPRF freshman Belle Bowker found a discarded pronoun button pin on the ground. They tried to refurbish it with epoxy resin and magnets, but something wasn't right. “I had it, and I...

“Last Week Tonight” a beneficial watch for OPRF students

Greta Kirby, Staffer December 11, 2021

Late night talk show host John Oliver is known for his blunt humor and political commentary. Over the past few weeks I have been watching and rewatching episodes of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”...

Spoken Word snaps into first show of the year

Max Friedman, Staffer November 22, 2021

Since 1999, OPRF’s Spoken Word program has been entertaining students with its performances, which blend powerful emotions, thought-provoking poems, and intricate raps and create a fun atmosphere.  Peter...

The Dennies at Vals Halla

The Dennies serve fresh punk music

Harrison Dear, Opinion Editor November 21, 2021

On Oct. 30, the Dennies stood out among a host of artists at a local show at Val’s Halla, a record store on Harrison St. Playing both covers and originals, they lit up the venue with their skill and...

Clash Royale: creating communities through mobile gaming

Drew Koenig, Staffer November 21, 2021

Through more than 80 clubs and activities, a student is bound to find a community at OPRF that they can be a part of. Whether it be through athletics, theatre, activism, or art, there are many ways to...

OPRF dancers shine in fall Orchesis show

Elizabeth Short, A&E Editor November 21, 2021

When OPRF senior Georgia Smith joined Orchesis, OPRF’s contemporary dance group, she was surprised to hear she was not only allowed to talk backstage but encouraged to cheer on her fellow dancers between...

The clubs logo

New club offers community to OPRF musicians

Maggie Marko, Staffer November 21, 2021

Guitars line the walls and under them are desktop computers for mixing and mastering. Posters of famous musicians like Prince keep watch over the emerging artists. The sound of acoustic guitar and the...

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