HAAS TAKE: This, too, might not pass, and it doesn’t have to

Ella Haas, News/Opinion Editor

March 23, 2020

    “Keep calm and carry on.” “Let it go.” “Pick your head up!” The most common cliches regarding recovery, whether from addiction or a bad report card, all seem to carry the same ideas surrounding the proce...

Opinion: college costs

Lev Working, Contributor

February 28, 2020

A few weeks ago, I attended an informative college planning presenta- tion by a local admissions officer. More than anything else, the cost hit me square in the face. I also found more competitive colleges offer little t...

Haas Take: Oak Park’s fear of Austin exposes problems with our perception of poverty

Ella Haas, News/Opinion Editor

January 31, 2020

Perhaps the most famous fairytale premise is that of the dragon. As the story goes, some foggy, thundering mountain looms over a village whose citizens live in fear of the snarling winged monster on top. It’s known as the premis...

Opinion: the best chicken sandwiches are bigotry-free

Vaughn Clissold, Staffer

December 13, 2019

     Popeyes has released their own chicken sandwich to compete with one of their closest competitors: Chick-Fil-A. Not being one to just “believe the hype,” I decided to compare the two for myself.     Chick-Fil-A ...

Opinion: Amidst school shootings, phone ban not the answer

Libby Eggert, Staffer

December 13, 2019

Oct. 28, 2019, an OPRF committee working on measures to curb cell phone usage sent out a survey asking students about their everyday technology use. Although the intentions of the survey were never communicated, the questions...

Haas Take: In the name of democracy, let Republicans speak

Ella Haas, News/Opinion Editor

December 13, 2019

As a Democrat, I stand for everyone’s right to be heard. I support immigrants, members of the queer community, the economically disenfranchised, and other demographics cast outside the Eden of privilege. Naturally, I should ...

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