Saki (left) and George Konstantos (right)

Remembering Saki, friend from George’s Restaurant

Calvin Roe, Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2021

On Saturday nights before the pandemic, my family would go to George’s Restaurant on Oak Park Avenue. Going to a diner made for an unconventional dinner, I would order chocolate chip pancakes, and...

OPRF should be open to detracking

Elizabeth Short, A&E Editor December 14, 2021

No student or teacher needs to watch "America to Me" to know that OPRF does not work for all students. Just by looking at any honors classroom here, anybody could tell that there are serious issues in...

Editorial: Detracking? Been there, done that

Trapeze Editorial Board December 14, 2021

On Oct. 28, the D200 Board of Education finalized a policy that would detrack all English, science, history, and world language courses for freshmen. While some may see the policy as a new, creative step...

The cancellation of forgiveness

Jackson Hassler, News Editor November 23, 2021

Last year, the Heterodox Academy, a New York-based group, found in a survey that 60% of its academic members would be “very” or “extremely concerned” that their “reputation would be tarnished”...

A discussion on “Beloved”

Abby Ryan, Staffer November 23, 2021

“Beloved” by Toni Morrison is considered a classic by many. It was published in 1987 and won the 1988 Pulitzer Prize. While it has been praised for its literary excellence, it has also been condemned...

Virginia’s message to education: Leave parenting to parents

Luke Gilfillan, Managing Editor November 22, 2021

On Nov. 2, Republican Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial election. The outcome would have been a surprise two months ago when McAuliffe was a clear favorite...

The heartbeat bill epidemic

Greta Kirby, Staffer November 1, 2021

As a young woman in the United States, I am used to my reproductive rights coming under question. So it came as no surprise when the Texas Heartbeat bill was passed May 19, prohibiting abortion after cardiac...

Editorial: a generation of addicts

Editorial: a generation of addicts

Trapeze Editorial Board November 1, 2021

A “drug” named “Instagram” has spread rapidly and become the go-to recreational drug for teenagers across the country. An estimated 22 million teens are daily users of the drug, whose side effects...

Conversation with heckler seasons my climate protest

Conversation with heckler seasons my climate protest

Harrison Dear, Opinion Editor November 1, 2021

Sept. 24: a warm Friday. I departed Oak Park around 1:30 p.m. to attend Chicago’s Fridays for Future march, a popular worldwide event dedicated to promoting a green future. Departing the train, I felt...

Point/Counterpoint: mask mandates in schools

Luke Gilfillan and Abby Ryan September 28, 2021

Luke Gilfillan, Managing Editor:   During the 2017 to 2018 flu season, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated almost 600 Americans under 18 died of the flu. This number...

Book Review: Fresh Ink

Book Review: Fresh Ink

Abby Ryan, Staffer September 28, 2021

What do you think of when a teacher introduces the book you’ll be reading in English class? Chances are, you’re not excited. You might think that it’ll be bad, or worse, boring and long. That certainly...

Overtime with Archie B

Archie Beecroft, Sports Editor September 28, 2021

This year I have tried to be the last student to leave every OPRF sporting event that I have attended. I decided to undertake this challenge because I thought it would be fun way to cement my memory of...

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