Foreign war hits home

Gabe Kedziora, Managing Editor May 13, 2022

While I was getting ready for another busy weekend filled with homework, my family was preparing for a potential war with Russia igniting in their home. The thought of Russian missiles landing near them...

The stats and psychology behind senioritis

The stats and psychology behind “senioritis”

Jackson Hassler, News Editor April 5, 2022

The phenomenon has been belittled in the media, written about in scientific literature, and become a part of the high school vernacular. But why does senioritis happen? How much does it affect students’...


Popular “Newscene” segment faces controversy

Maggie Marko, Staffer April 4, 2022

The latest installment of Newscene included a new segment created by senior Arianna Spruille. “Blueprint” covers issues African Americans face and their experiences with racism.  Spruille was inspired...

Stage crew offers something for everyone

Stage crew offers “something for everyone”

Max Friedman, Staffer April 4, 2022

Behind all the productions held in the auditoriums of OPRF is Stage Crew, a club run by teachers Teslen Sadowski and Christopher Scholtens.  “There’s really something for everyone,” said Sadowski,...

OPRF students active in the workforce

Max Friedman, Staffer April 4, 2022

Going into high school, students start to consider getting a job. It’s a time for exploring potential careers, getting experience in the world, and, well, getting paid. To help students find jobs,...

Berry becomes new Spoken Word assistant

Harrison Dear, Opinion Editor February 28, 2022

Noelle Aiisa Berry, a former student (graduated in 2011) and Spoken Word member herself, has filled the position previously occupied by former Spoken Word assistant Mr. Robinson. A fun fact: Berry and...

Pligge casually deadlifting more than 400 pounds

Mr. P lifts up student body

Gabe Kedziora, Staffer February 28, 2022

One of the most welcome additions to OPRF’s staff this year is P.E. teacher James Pligge. Pligge started out as a part time substitute teacher, but he now teaches P.E. full time. He has quickly developed...

People working at the Slowfire studio at 634 Carpenter Avenue in Oak Park.

The arts of Oak Park: Slowfire

Alex Goldstein, Features Editor February 27, 2022

Tucked away among the South Oak Park residences on Carpenter Avenue is Slowfire. In a basement hidden down a small staircase in between the expanse of bushes of a garden path, with pottery wheels, tables...

Instagram account @oprfhs_info keeps students in the know

Harrison Dear and Drew Koenig, Opinion Editor and Staffer February 27, 2022

As OPRF enters its third year into the pandemic, it has been a battle to keep people informed on the latest updates regarding COVID-19. Tim Mellman, a senior at OPRF, has created @oprfhs_info, an Instagram...

Students in Cartiers class pose with the paper cranes

Paper cranes give hope to teacher battling breast cancer

Greta Kirby, Staffer February 27, 2022

Last May, OPRF Spanish teacher Kirsten Cartier was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) in her lymph nodes. At the time, Cartier was in remission for breast cancer she had in her thirties....

The Box: Oak Park brings small businesses to Oak Park doorsteps

Cora Gardner, Staffer January 31, 2022

The Box: Oak Park offers the ease of online shopping and delivery for products from small Oak Park businesses that do not already have those services. They deliver to residents in the Oak Park, River Forest,...

Adams Instagram page

Civics service project promotes pandemic safety

Isabel Richmond, Staffer January 27, 2022

From students’ posture to their parking, OPRF social media accounts have been popping up everywhere, for almost anything. While most of these accounts don’t gain much traction, this wasn’t the case...

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