Students show their school spirit

Aidan Koch, News/Tech Editor

As students walk the halls the Monday before Homecoming, one can’t help but notice the matching Hawaiian-themed clothes. It’s officially spirit week.

Each day, students are sent an email with a link to remind them to vote for the department that dressed the best each day. The Google Form displayed a photo of each department, and many participated in the vote. 

It started on Monday with Hawaiian day. Many students dressed in colorful florals.

Tuesday was Decades Day, featuring  a wide array of clothes from past decades. 

“My favorite spirit week day has always been Decades Day, because it’s fun to see people wearing retro clothes or styles of clothing that you don’t see all that often in 2019,” said senior Jana Casey.

Wednesday was Pajama Day. Many students dressed in sweats and T-shirts, though a few took it a step farther. 

Casey wore a chicken onesie. 

“I love chickens.” Casey said. “A lot of people thought it was pretty funny.” 

On Thursday, students dressed up in rainbow colors to show support for the LGBT community, as National Coming-Out day was the following day. 

On Friday, students showed their true school spirit by wearing orange and blue. In the assembly, extracurricular groups showed off their spirit by walking across the field house carrying posters and dressing in their respective clothes or uniforms. 

At the assembly, the winners for the spirit apparel, advisory door decorations, and the name of OPRF’s Huskie mascot were announced. 

For the department spirit apparel contest, world studies immersion came in third. Safety and security placed second, and the math department won first. 

Third place in the advisory doors was a three-way tie between rooms 231, 474, and 115.  In second place came room 327. First place tied between rooms 202 and 204. Only rooms that held advisory periods were eligible for the contest. 

Earlier in the week, students were encouraged to vote on a name for OPRF’s school mascot, the Huskie, and could do so using a Google Form. During the spirit assembly, the name was announced: Hemmy.

Homecoming happened the day after spirit week on Saturday, Oct. 12.