Idioglossia: An adventure in music

Delaunay Krauter, A&E Editor

The sun rises and the alarm on your phone nags at your still half asleep brain as if it were screaming, “Come on now, you know what time it is!”

You pick your head up from your drool stained pillow and rub the sleep from your eyes, squinting in the stream of light coming in from your bedroom window.

The air is cold, and you can feel the goosebumps spread over your body as soon as your blanket slips off.

But before you even think to put on your robe, you pick up your phone, plop your earbuds in, and press play on your favorite music streaming platform, because without music, life would be a hell of a lot harder.

For Ben Kremer, Jack Kelsey, Vinny Micucci, Armando Carlo, and Dante Nottolli, music is more than just a way to get through the day, then again, they do a lot more than just listen. To them, music is also a way of expressing their thoughts and emotions, and each one of them, instrument in tow, are working together to create a way of doing just that.

Difrisco, now in Ashville, North Carolina studying Audio Engineering and Music Technology, recalled the band’s formation. “The project started with just Jack and I, and we called up Ben pretty immediately to join. I first wanted to start a band with Jack because he played me some stuff he wrote, and I loved it a whole lot. When Ben joined, he and I worked a lot on the stuff Jack had, and once those were sounding good, we knew the band could be something legit.”

Kelsey, a senior at OPRF and the band’s guitar player, is a music veteran. “I’ve been in bands before that would write music but I’ve never followed through with it,” he said. Writing a majority of the band’s music, Kelsey has enjoyed his time collaborating with the group.

“The whole experience itself has been great,” Kelsey said, “Being in this band has helped me develop as a musician, as a person, and also just our friendship is very meaningful to me.”

Also in his senior year at OPRF, Kremmer is on drums. “We were all already friends, but Jack and Max started talking about starting a band, asked me if I was in, and I said yes,” Kremer said.

Idioglossia is defined as a language between two friends shared with one another exclusively. “We were going through the dictionary looking for interesting words,” when we found idioglossia. We liked what it meant and it sounded cool so we went with it,” Kremer said. The word, without question, is a perfect name for an Indie Rock band of creative friends.

With Kremer on drums, Kelsey and Micucci on guitar and vocals, Carlo on the keyboard, Nottolli playing bass, the group has created their own language for expression through music.

As the lead singer, Difrisco was responsible for writing the lyrics for both EPs, but, as Kremer said, “once it comes to the instrumental aspect of the process, it’s a group effort.” Describing the production process Kremer said, “Usually we’ll have one of the guitar players introduce a riff and then we will build off of it. We usually add the lyrics last, then record all the instruments, mix it and release it.” “Idioglossia,” their first EP “we mostly worked on over Thanksgiving break,” Kremer said. “‘Face First we recorded mostly over this past summer.”

Their two EPs, extended plays or “mini-albums,” “Face First” and “Idioglossia,” are now available on all platforms, including, but not limited to, Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Amazon Music.

For now, the band is in a transitioning period while they solidify new partnerships and work on fresh collaborations. Carlo, a relatively new member, is a musical veteran and is zealous about his work in the music field. “I love music, I love performing, and I need to work with music for the rest of my life,” he said.  “When Max left for college, Vinny joined the band to fill Max’s spot and me and Dante joined as full-time members.”

With a total of nine songs and two EP’s, the band welcomes you to take a listen. Availible on Youtube, a music video for “Hello,” features Kremer, Kelsey, and Difrisco. Together, the group has created an experience they all agree they will never forget.