December Horoscopes

Jane Houseal, Contributor


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Not only does Capricorn season starts this month, but on the 2nd Jupiter enters your sign! This cycle brings you joy throughout the month. It causes anything in your life that has the capacity to grow to do so. Look for an increase in income, a job (or maybe college) acceptance, or another big, positive change.



Jan. 20- Feb. 18

For you, Aqua, the best part of the month starts on the 20th when Venus enters your sign. Venus causes a peak in your love life and your creativity. Look for inspiration everywhere, especially within the people you care about. This transit will make the end of 2019 beautiful as well as the start of 2020. Happy New Year!



Feb. 19-March 20

As Jupiter enters Capricorn you will begin to feel optimistic and happy, which will make it much easier to accomplish what you want. As the new year approaches, keep in mind your goals. The solar eclipse in Capricorn on Dec. 26 brings you many new opportunities for 2020.



March 21-April 19

From the 9 to the 29, Mercury transits Sagittarius to Capricorn. This shift will benefit you greatly. It should be a fun time period filled with enjoyable holiday parties and reunions with family and friends. Towards the end of the month, your opportunities double because of the double new moon.



April 20th- May 20th

After Dec. 2, your worldview and spirituality may expand drastically. Embrace and explore this change as it may follow you into an exciting new year. It will impact your self expression and allow you to find and use your passions.



May 21- June 21

This month it is important to focus on partnerships. You may be discussing relationships more, how they will look in the future and discover what is important to you in a romantic or friendly relationship. As the new year approaches, think of your goals and take steps to make them happen in 2020.



June 22 -July 22

After Jupiter makes a major shift on December 2nd, your relationships within school, work, and your personal life evolve. It is an ideal time to get help to start a project, or a business. If you are romantically involved, your relationship might become more serious. It is a great time to strengthen your relationships over break!



July 23 – Aug. 22

2020 is around the corner, and this is great for you Leo! A transit on the 29th allows you to clear your head and enter the new year with a commitment to living your best life. Focus on the things and people you enjoy, everything else will sort itself out. 



Aug. 23- Sept. 22

Mercury moves through Sagittarius between December 9th and 29th and creates a wonderful environment for all sorts of holiday festivities. Take advantage of the break to connect with your loved ones, let them know you appreciate them.



Sept. 23- Oct. 22

Between December 20th and January 14th, you are thriving, Others are drawn to you and are eager to help you with projects and inspiration. Your loved ones are especially proud of you and excited to be with you. You have worked hard this semester so enjoy all the praise. What a perfect way to enter 2020!



Oct. 23- Nov. 21

Towards the end of the month you will feel a greater need for independence and freedom. Strive for individuality and carry that with you into 2020. Your sign is known for being bold, and that is not a bad thing. Do what fuels your energy and do not worry about what anyone else thinks!



Nov. 22nd- Dec. 21st

Think hard about what you want next year. Think outside the box, and do not be afraid to make your goals big. You are a dreamer but also an achiever. A transit near the end of the month will make it easier for you to see the bigger picture. Go accomplish those goals, Sagittarius!