Boys’ swimmers hope to surpass previous season

Sophia Desai, Staffer

After placing 13th in state last year, the OPRF Boys’ Swim team is looking forward to this season. “The goal is to get top three at state this year,” says junior swimmer Diego Pareja.

Will Raidt, a senior who has been on the varsity team since he was a freshman, has recently committed to Harvard University for swim. “I’m very excited. I love everything about the team and the school,” says Raidt. “This could be the best year of OPRF boys swimming in a long time.”

Raidt says he wasn’t pleased with the way last season ended but is now using his displeasure as motivation. “Some things just didn’t go our way,” says Raidt. “But having a frustrating ending to last year’s season really has motivated us for this season.”

With their desire to finish stronger than last season, the team has been working tirelessly. “The practices are long and tiring but it’ll be worth it when we win state,” says junior Nick Crobar.

After an offseason full of tough workouts, the team feels confident that this season will be better than last. “The whole team is feeling great about this season because we are faster than OPRF has been in decades,” says Raidt.

Their hard work in the offseason paid off in a meet against crosstown rival, Fenwick, on Dec. 10.

Before the match, Fenwick was positive they would win, saying “the win streak ends tomorrow” and “get ready to lose” on the @friar.nation Instagram.

On the day of the meet, the east pool was packed with parents and students from both Oak Park and Fenwick. Both teams hyped each other up while doing warm-ups. After the umpire quieted everyone down, the first race started. The Huskies won the first race and then kept it going. About an hour later, the final relay came to an end and the crowd went insane. Parents cheered while children yelled “swim faster!” When the final race came to an end, the Huskie swimmers leapt with excitement.

The victory over Fenwick should give the Huskies even more confidence as they attempt to make their way to State. The Huskie swimmers’ next meet is Dec. 21 at Downers Grove South.