Opinion: the best chicken sandwiches are bigotry-free

Vaughn Clissold, Staffer

     Popeyes has released their own chicken sandwich to compete with one of their closest competitors: Chick-Fil-A. Not being one to just “believe the hype,” I decided to compare the two for myself.

    Chick-Fil-A has become infamous for their values in the past decade. They are known for donating a portion of their profits to anti-LGBTQ+ groups, such as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They say they plan to change this business model in 2020 and start donating to fewer “faith-based organizations,” but is it too little and too late? They’ve already cemented their reputation as a closed-minded company. If Popeyes, one of their largest competitors, is finally serving a sandwich, they may lose the few liberal customers they still have.

     Personally, I avoid Chick-fil-A. As a gay man, I can’t help but feel guilty when I end up there. An alternative is something I look for.

     Before trying the new Popeyes sandwich, I ate some of a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich for comparison. It’s as expected. Somewhat bland, kind of dry, with a bun that easily falls apart under the strain of pickles. As fast food is concerned, it’s fine. Tolerable. To be honest, I didn’t expect the Popeyes sandwich to be much better. However, as soon as I bit into it, I could tell which sandwich is superior. The Popeyes sandwich is flavorful, crispy, and the bun can withstand sauce without falling to bits. It’s one of the best fast food sandwiches I’ve ever eaten.

     So, I encourage you all to go try it for yourselves. It’s better than the Chick-Fil-A sandwich, and it’s bigotry-free!