NFL Week 6 Update

Week six takeaways, a little Bears talk, and week seven game picks

NFL Week 6 Update

Week Six Takeaways 

Well this week was certainly an example of just how unpredictable the NFL can be. Here is what happened this week:


  • Ravens: The Ravens won again, which means they are now 5-1. The Eagles had an opportunity to tie the game with a two point conversion at the end of the fourth quarter. That’s too close. Last year it looked like the Ravens had the ability to score at will, but that is not the case this year. The Ravens have a bye this week, and then they will take on the Steelers in week eight. Their offense might have to play better if they are going to beat their divisional rivals in a marquee game.

  • Patriots: Yikes. Really this was just a terrible week for the Patriots. Not only did they lose to the Broncos, but at 2-3, they now sit under the Dolphins in the standings, who are 3-3. I think Belichick summed it up best: “We need to do everything better.”

  • Packers: You love to see it. The Packers simply got outplayed in this game. Their defense gave up 38 points and they got nothing going on offense. This was a  humbling loss for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. 

  • Steelers: The Steelers are good. Real good. They just dominated the Browns this week. At the beginning of the season, everybody knew the Steelers defense was going to be among the best in the league, and so far, it has been. But Big Ben is back like he never left, and his offense is rolling. Right now, they look like they could be the best team in the AFC.

  • Rams: The Rams are 4-2, but every single one of those wins has come over an NFC East team. Good teams beat other good teams, and the Rams haven’t done that yet. This week’s game against the Bears will be a good opportunity to prove they can keep up with the rest of the NFC West.

  • Cowboys: How bout them Cowboys? Wow, that was embarrassing. Honestly, after that performance, I have no idea who is going to win this division.

  • Titans: Derrick Henry is a problem for the rest of the league. The man had 264 total yards and two touchdowns in their matchup against the Texans. That game against the Texans was close, but I won’t hold it against them. This week’s game against the Steelers should be a good one, and it will be interesting to see how Henry does against an elite defense.

  • Chiefs: That was a nice bounce back win for the Chiefs. Their run game was very impressive, and if they can keep that going, their offense will be really dangerous. Also, I have to give the defense credit for the way they played.

  • Bills: Not a good looking game for the Bills. They have had two tough matchups in a row and haven’t showed up in either of them. The good news for them is that they get a week to regroup because it’s their turn to play the Jets on Sunday.

  • Browns: That was a sad game for the Browns. They were just terrible on both sides of the ball. After that performance, it is clear that there are only two AFC North teams with a seat at the big boy table.


  • Antonio Brown: He’s back! On Friday, Antonio Brown signed a one year deal with the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers already have two star receivers and they are coming off an impressive win against the Packers, so I see no need to add a distraction to the team. I thought Baltimore would have been a good spot for Brown, considering the Ravens are in desperate need of a productive wide receiver. Anyhow, I doubt Brown will last very long, but he should provide us with some entertaining news over the next couple of weeks.



What’s up wit Da Bears


Well, well, well. The Bears are atop the NFC North at 5-1. Even though the final score of the Panthers game was similar to other Bears games so far, this game felt different. For the first time this year, the Bears seemed to be in control the entire game.

Yet again, the defense was the key to victory. The defensive line has been great. The decision to add Robert Quinn this past offseason is starting to pay off. Quinn’s stat line so far has not been great, but the biggest impact he has had this season has been drawing attention away from Khalil Mack. Mack is starting to wake up, as he has three sacks in the past two games. Between Mack, Hicks, and Quinn, I don’t think people are very surprised to see the defensive line playing well. What I was most impressed with, however, was the play of the secondary. The Panthers only threw for 216 this week, the least they have thrown for all season. On top of that, the secondary had 2 interceptions, and Eddie Jackson forced a fumble.

Even though the Bears controlled this game from start to finish, I still thought they had some sloppy moments. Right off the bat, the Bears had a 3rd and goal from the four yard line. The play clock was running down, so the Bears had to use a timeout. Then, after coming out of the timeout, Foles let the play clock run out. Fast forward to the end of the second quarter, when the Panthers rushed to the line on a 4th and three at the Bears six yard line. The Bears defense wasn’t ready, so Nagy called a timeout, which is fine. But then, after the timeout, the Bears jumped offsides, giving the Panthers a first down. Both of those penalties were simply unacceptable. Good teams don’t make bad penalties in key moments.

Lastly, I want to talk about Nick Foles. Foles is not a bad quarterback. He is not great, but he doesn’t have to be, he just has to be good enough. But most importantly, Foles is far more talented than Mitchell Trubisky. However, one thing about Foles concerned me this week: he looked a little bit like Jay Cutler, and not in a good way. Jay Cutler’s decision making on the field was about as bad as Josh Gordon’s decision making off the field. It was abysmal, and as a result, he threw 160 interceptions in his 153 game career. Foles made some terrible decisions this week. At times he was just lobbing the ball downfield and hoping for the best. Early in the third quarter, Eddie Jackson forced a fumble, setting the Bears up at the Panthers 22 yard line. On the ensuing play, Foles was under pressure and lobbed the ball downfield. The Bears receiver had no chance to catch the ball, and it was intercepted. And that was not the only time Foles threw a careless pass. In the past, I have not noticed Foles’s decision making being a problem, but this week it was really bad. The Bears got away with it, but it will be a problem in upcoming weeks if things don’t change.

The Bears will be in Los Angeles on Monday night to take on the 4-2 Rams, who lost to the 49ers in week six. As of now, the Bears are six point underdogs. Considering the Bears have a tendency to play close games and the Rams do not have a quality win this season, I am a little surprised to see the Rams favored so heavily. But after all, the Bears have been underdogs in five of their six games so far this season, so maybe this bodes well for the Bears.



Last Week’s Game Pick Results

Archie: 10-4

Calvin: 9-5

Josh: 8-6

Dante: 6-8


Week Seven “Expert” Picks

Sunday 12 P.M.


Lions at Falcons

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Browns at Bengals

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Packers at Texans

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Panthers at Saints

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Bills at Jets

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Cowboys at Football Team

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Steelers at Titans

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Sunday 3:05 P.M.


Buccaneers at Raiders

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Sunday 3:25 P.M.


Chiefs at Broncos

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


49ers at Patriots

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


Jaguars at Chargers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie
Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Damion Square Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Damion Square Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Damion Square Los Angeles Chargers Re-Sign Damion Square


Sunday 7:20 P.M.


Seahawks at Cardinals

Josh Calvin Dante Archie
Seahawks Home | Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks Home | Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks Home | Seattle Seahawks – Seahawks Home | Seattle Seahawks –


Monday 7:15 P.M.


Bears at Rams

Josh Calvin Dante Archie


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