NFL Week 10/11

Power rankings, Bears talk, and week 11 picks with OPRF linebacker and WMU commit Naahlyee Bryant


Week 10 Power Rankings


  1. Chiefs– It was tough to decide who to put at number one, but it is hard to go against Patrick Mahomes and the reigning Super Bowl champs. They had one stumble and that was against the Raiders in week five, but since then they have been dominant, and their defense has been playing well.
  2. Steelers– Pittsburgh is the only undefeated team in the league right now. However, weak competition and a scare in week 8 in Dallas gives the impression that the Steelers are not as dominant as their record shows. With their elite defense and Roethlisberger having one of the best years of his career, it is still likely the Steelers will end the season as the top AFC seed.
  3. Packers– A close game against the Jaguars is a little concerning, but Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams look like they might be the best QB-WR combo in the league right now.
  4. Saints– The Saints may have won last week, but the story of the game was Drew Brees’ injury. With Brees being out for at least two weeks, Taysom Hill will get the start against the Falcons. If the Saints can fend off sub .500 teams for the next four weeks, they will win the NFC South over Tampa Bay, a team they have defeated twice this year.
  5. Bucs– The Buccaneers needed that big win over the Panthers and getting killed by the Saints. Also, we saw flashes of vintage Tom Brady in that game, they are dangerous if Brady continues to play that way.
  6. Bills– The Bills would have improved to 8-2 on the year if Kyler Murray hadn’t thrown a “Hail Mary” to DeAndre Hopkins. Despite the loss, the Bills looked good as QB Josh Allen led a go-ahead touchdown drive late in the fourth quarter. Buffalo will need to string together some wins toward the end of the season to fend off an improving Dolphins squad in the AFC East.
  7. Ravens– I have to say I expected more from the Ravens. I get that it was rainy and windy, but Lamar Jackson has to play better than that. So far, he has not been able to run the ball like he did last year.
  8. Rams– The top three teams in the NFC West are hard to rank, but the Rams seem to have the edge over the others. They easily have the best defense in the division as well as the best divisional record. QB Jared Goff has been decent, but he will need to step up his game as four out of the last seven games for the Rams are against teams with winning records.
  9. Colts– This defense is really good. The way they went on the road and dominated the Titans was quite impressive. I’m still not sure this offense is all that good, but they did play well last week.
  10. Seahawks– The Seahawks moved to 7-3 with a win against the Cardinals, but there are still some serious concerns surrounding this team. The most obvious one is the defense, which ranks last in the league in yards per game. Also, I am a little concerned with the way they have played on the road. In Seattle’s last seven games, Russell Wilson may have to carry the team to “shoot out” wins in order to secure the NFC West.
  11. Dolphins
  12. Cardinals
  13. Raiders
  14. Titans
  15. Vikings
  16. Browns
  17. Patriots
  18. Bears
  19. Lions
  20. Chargers
  21. Panthers
  22. Falcons
  23. Giants
  24. 49ners
  25. Eagles
  26. Broncos
  27. Bengals
  28. Texans
  29. Cowboys
  30. Football Team
  31. Jaguars
  32. Jets


What’s up wit Da Bears

I really can’t say I expected much more from the Bears this past week. Summed up, this game was just the usual tremendous defensive effort we are used to seeing from the Bears being negated by a disgraceful performance from Nick Foles and the Bears offense. 

It’s hard to know what to do about the offense at this point, but I think the first step has to be benching Nick Foles. The way I see it, the only reason to start Foles is that his arm is better than Trubisky’s, which isn’t saying much. But when Nick Foles throws the way he did this game, consistently missing his receivers, I can’t see any reason to play him. Unless for some godforsaken reason Mitchell Trubisky is not able to play come week 12, I will lose it if I see number nine take the first snap at QB for the Bears. 

Last week’s game could go down in the record books for one of the worst offensive performances of all time. The offense didn’t score a touchdown, but they did have 149 total yards, which was only 37 yards short of the return yardage the Bears had this game.

Luckily, the Bears have stumbled upon their much-needed bye week. Hopefully, they can figure something out to give us a glimmer of hope against the Packers in week 12.


Week 10 Results


Calvin: 10-3, 44-22 Overall

Archie: 9-4, 42-24 Overall

Jake: 9-4

Dante: 7-6, 40-26 Overall

Josh: 6-7, 39-27 Overall


Week 11 Game Picks


Sunday 12 P.M.


Titans at Ravens

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Lions at Panthers


Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Eagles at Browns


Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Patriots at Texans

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Steelers at Jaguars

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Falcons at Saints

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Bengals at Football Team

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Sunday 3:05 P.M.


Dolphins at Broncos

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Jets at Chargers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Sunday 3:25 P.M.


Packers at Colts

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Vikings at Cowboys

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Sunday 7:20 P.M.


Chiefs at Raiders

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Monday 7:15 P.M.


Rams at Buccaneers 

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Naahlyee


Guest Records


Seth Engle: 11-2, Week 9

Jake Birmingham: 9-4, Week 10

Ledbetter: 6-7, Week 8