NFL Week 12/13

Week 12 power rankings, Bears talk, and Week 13 game picks with OPRF offensive lineman Sam Mistak


Week 12 Power Rankings

  1. Chiefs: The Chiefs are looking good as always, especially with that amazing performance by Tyreek Hill. 200 receiving yards in the first quarter is just ridiculous, and he paired that with three touchdowns as well.
  2. Steelers: While their record would qualify them for the number one spot, they aren’t quite passing the eye test. If this offense starts to dominate while the defense continues to play well, they will be atop the rankings.
  3. Saints: Yes, it was against a Broncos team without a QB, but it was a win nevertheless, allowing the Saints to improve to an NFC best record of 9-2. However, the Saints have just two wins against teams with winning records, which will not change after week 13 against the Falcons.
  4. Packers: There is not much separating the Saints and Packers. After their loss against the Colts, the Packers came to play on Sunday night and absolutely dominated the Bears. Rodgers is in prime form right now.
  5. Titans: The Titans had the most impressive performance out of all 32 teams last week, scoring 35 points in just the first half against one of the NFL’s best defenses in the Colts. If Derrick Henry performs the way he has been lately, the Titans will improve their record to 9-3 against the Browns.
  6. Bills: I feel that the Bills are being slightly overlooked right now. Everyone is talking about the Steelers and Chiefs, but I don’t think the Bills are that much worse than the Steelers. Josh Allen has cooled off a bit, but if he gets back to playing the way he was early in the year, this team is dangerous.
  7. Seahawks: Since the beginning of the season, the Seahawks defense has been in question. However, the last two weeks has showcased an improving defense, which has put less stress on Russell Wilson and the rest of the offense. With four out of their last five games being against teams with losing records, Seattle looks like the clear favorite to win the highly competitive NFC West.
  8. Rams: This was a really bad loss for the Rams. Just when it looked like they had the upper hand in the NFC West, they lose to a banged-up 49ers team. The Rams will probably have to win in Seattle to have any chance to win the division. 
  9. Browns: The Browns may have not faced difficult competition this year, but credit is due to a team that is 8-3. With two of their last five games being against Jets and Giants, the Browns will most likely make the playoffs. A win this week against the 8-3 Titans would help solidify a playoff spot and improve their seeding.
  10. Colts: As it is with many teams, it’s impossible to know just how good this team is. One week they take down the Packers, the next they get blown out by Tennessee.
  11. Buccaneers
  12. Dolphins
  13. Cardinals
  14. Ravens
  15. Raiders
  16. 49ers
  17. Patriots
  18. Vikings
  19. Panthers
  20. Chargers
  21. Falcons
  22. Football Team
  23. Bears
  24. Texans
  25. Giants
  26. Eagles
  27. Lions
  28. Cowboys
  29. Broncos
  30. Jaguars
  31. Bengals
  32. Jets


What’s up wit Da Bears

So here the Bears are at 5-6, just six weeks after sitting atop the NFC North at 5-1. While there have been numerous bad moments for the Bears this season, getting pounded at Lambeau Field is probably the low point for the 2020 Bears.

Unlike every other Bears loss this season, it was actually the poor play of the Bears defense that cost them this game. The Packer’s 41 points are the most the Bears defense has allowed all season, shattering the previous total by 15. The Bears were without Hakeem Hicks, which, as we saw, made a huge difference in this game. The Packers offense was in complete control and they set the pace of the game. While this was a terrible game for the Bears defense, they have played so well the rest of the season that I am not concerned.

The Bears offense, on the other hand, looked better than usual. While Mitchell Trubisky did not play a flawless game, he was able to move the ball, something the offense struggled to do under Nick Foles. The Bears put up 25 points, but perhaps more impressive was the Bears run game, which was good for 122 yards. But this offensive success needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as 15 of the 25 points were scored in the fourth quarter when the game was already out of reach.

At 5-6, the Bears will have to run the table if they want to have any shot of making the playoffs. Luckily, they play 4 games against sub .500 teams before they face the Packers again in week 17. Hopefully, the Bears defense will bounceback while the offense puts together another decent performance when the Bears face the Lions this Sunday.


Week 12 Results

Archie: 11-3, 59-34 Overall 

Calvin: 10-4, 59-34 Overall

Dante: 9-5, 55-38 Overall

Josh: 8-6, 54-39 Overall


Week 13 Game Picks

Sunday 12 P.M.


Lions at Bears

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Saints at Falcons

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Colts at Texans

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Bengals at Dolphins

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Jaguars at Vikings

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Raiders at Jets

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Browns at Titans

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam

Sunday 3:05 P.M.


Rams at Cardinals

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Giants at Seahawks

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Sunday 3:25 P.M.


Eagles at Packers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Patriots at Chargers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Sunday 7:20 P.M.


Broncos at Chiefs

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Monday 4 P.M.


Football Team at Steelers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Monday 7:15 P.M.


Bills at 49ers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam


Tuesday 7:05 P.M.


Cowboys at Ravens

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Sam



Guest Records

Seth Engle: 11-2, Week 9

Jake Birmingham: 9-4, Week 10

Ledbetter: 6-7, Week 8

Naahlyee Bryant: 5-8 Week 11