Snowball rolls forward despite COVID-19

Last year, the popular wellness getaway program, Snowball, was canceled a day before quarantine. This year, despite alternate circumstances, the event continued in a virtual capacity.

Teacher sponsor Nimmi Baghri discussed changes made to the program this year, one of which is the timeframe. The program was “completely remote” this year, swapping a three-day stay at Camp Manitoqua for an 8 am-2:35 pm virtual camp on one day, April 24th. On top of that, the program was free of charge.

Numbers have dropped. However, before the programm, Baghri said the small handful, instead of the usual 17-20 leaders, have “really been working hard to make this year amazing for the participants.”

When asked what would be different, senior Abbey Mullen said missing items this year would be going device free, movie night, the candle light ceremony, and the cabin element.

However, in terms of things remaining similar, Mullen said Snowball would be “keeping the staples this year…workshops, presentations, discussions are staying the same”.

It makes sense that when I spoke to senior leader Maia Sullivan after the camp, she said highlights of her experience were art workshops and the small group discussions, where she felt she “connected very well.”

“It was definitely much different to past snowballs…but for what we had I still think that we made great connections and I hope crafted an amazing experience”, she also noted.

Although the environment and activities changed, the event still managed to foster camaraderie and wellness. Snowball appears to have rolled along just fine.