Softball off to a sparkling season

The Varsity team has enjoyed a strong level of success since their start in mid-April.

Similar to previous years, the Huskies began the season with an impressive scoreline. However, this year, it was a large 20-0 win at Proviso West. So far, the team record is 8-2,

When they have lost this year, scorelines have been close. The Huskies lost to York 2-6 and 2-3 to Lyons Township.

The dominance of the Huskies this year should not surprise. In the 2018 and 2019 season, the team reached the sectional finals, and in 2017, they won state.

Two seniors, Maddi Grant and Cass Metzger, have been on the team since 2018, and they are up to the challenge of playing senior year after skipping junior year.

“I think what I want most for my final year is for the team to work together on and off the field and have a fun season”, Metzger said. “But, I think that everyone here is super talented, and if we’re working together, we have a really good shot ast state, which is obviously the final goal.”

“We’re feeling really confident about the season.”, she said. “After a year off (from covid-19), we”re hitting the season in stride.”

As other sports return, be on the watch for the softball team, for they could bring the school some silverware this year.