Baseball coach submits resignation

In early July, OPRF baseball coach Joseph Parenti officially announced his resignation as head coach of the varsity baseball team. He had been a part of the OPRF program for years, starting as an assistant on the freshman level before quickly moving up to the varsity level. He was the lead varsity assistant coach until 2014, when he became the interim head coach for four years. In 2018, he was officially named head coach.

“Coach Parenti started with me on the freshman level,” says Jim Geovanes, former OPRF baseball coach. “It was apparent very early on that he would move up the levels quickly. His patience, the knowledge of the game, the relationships that he instantly built with student athletes and his positive outlook were all characteristics of a coach we needed in our program.”

Senior Maddox Neumann, who had Parenti as a coach for both baseball and golf, says, “Coach Parenti just knows how to lead a team. He’s laid back and fun when he can be, but tough on us when we need to win. I was lucky enough to have him as my coach for both baseball and golf, and he’s a great guy to be around inside and outside of sports. On the course, in the dugout, or on the bus, Coach knows how to let us enjoy the game.”

This coaching style led to great success for Coach Parenti in his tenure at the varsity level. In 2012, Parenti won the state championship as an assistant coach on varsity. “We had a great team that year, everybody got along very well and they never quit on each other,” says Parenti. “We got hot at the right time, everybody was playing their best baseball when we needed it most.”

Coach Parenti decided to step down as coach after having long talks with his wife about his priorities, such as spending more time with his children.

For Parenti, the privilege of coaching at OPRF will always be cherished. He loved Oak Park baseball for the passion that every player, and the town, had for the game. Parenti said he loved managing each team, picking and choosing the right times to get all the different talents in each game. “OPRF has a great tradition associated with baseball and I’m grateful to have been apart of that legacy.” says Parenti

OPRF’s new athletic director, Nicole Ebsen, will have a momentous decision to make as the spot has yet to be filled. So far there is not a clear timeline for the hiring process.

When discussing his former coach, former OPRF baseball star Griffin Weisman couldn’t stop expressing his gratitude for his former coach. “Joepa, your impact on me as a player and person will not be soon forgotten. Every guy who has come through this program was impacted by you. Thank you for the hours, the respect, the instruction, and for making my time in your program so special.”