Clash Royale: creating communities through mobile gaming

Through more than 80 clubs and activities, a student is bound to find a community at OPRF that they can be a part of. Whether it be through athletics, theatre, activism, or art, there are many ways to get involved on campus. For some students, however, a community can be found outside of OPRF’s doors: mobile gaming.

Clash Royale, a multiplayer tower defense game released in 2016, is one such example. “You have cards you use to defend and attack the opponent. Each player has three towers and each battle lasts three minutes,” said junior Caden Pacheco. “The ultimate goal is to destroy enemy towers and defend your towers.” 

Players can play against or with their friends. They can also join clans, groups of up to 50 people who fight together against other clans.

“We have exactly 50 people in our clan,” said senior John Vincent. “You get to play with your friends and other people at the school.” 

Senior Spencer Brown also emphasized how clans can bring OPRF students together. “It puts you in a community with your friends where you all work together and communicate and compete as a team,” he said. 

Brown also praised the deviation in how each match plays out. “Each match is different. Not knowing what’s going to happen makes it more interesting, win or lose,” he said.

The game has stayed relevant due to consistent updates by the developer, Supercell. Because the company consistently adds cards, challenges, arenas, emotes, and updates to how the game mechanics work. Everything besides the basic concept of the game is different than what it was when the game was released.

Pacheco praised the strategy involved in each match. “There are a lot of different types of decks or cards you can put together to succeed and win,” he said.

Because of the developer’s changes to the cards, the best tactics are constantly changing as card stats are made better or worse. Sometimes, there are multiple strategies that work well. There is always a different opponent to face off against and strategy to use.

Clash Royale creates a community that students can join and enjoy during and outside of school. It’s fun, free, and has many students hooked. “It makes it a lot more fun when you get to play with or against people you know,” said senior John Vincent.