Instagram account @oprfhs_info keeps students in the know

As OPRF enters its third year into the pandemic, it has been a battle to keep people informed on the latest updates regarding COVID-19. Tim Mellman, a senior at OPRF, has created @oprfhs_info, an Instagram page meant to distribute information regarding COVID-19 news. 

Currently, the page has over 100 followers, and posts infographics regularly. It posts the contents of the covid updates that the school sends out, plus it also uploads the amount of staff and students who have tested positive for COVID. However, Mellman also posted information regarding the snow day, so Mellman is not limiting himself to only COVID-19 information. 

While students do get COVID updates in their emails, Mellman wanted to distribute information on Instagram, since students are more likely to check Instagram than their email. 

“I started this account because I feel there is a need for more student awareness about what is happening in the school,” Mellman said. “Going to students where they are is a great idea, and that was the main purpose behind creating this page. There are thousands of kids at this school that are on instagram.” 

Mellman says he felt a duty to create his account due to his longtime involvement in school affairs. Mellman has worked with several OPRF administrators, has been a close observer for close to two years of Board of Education meetings, and is a member of the Superintendent Student Advisory Council, so he feels he can be a good facilitator for getting information to students. 

“I am in a good position to (answer questions regarding the school), or quickly figure out the answers if I don’t,” Mellman said.

Mellman asked that he enjoys being proactive on the tough questions. “I make sure to ask about the exact plans, plus the reasoning behind it, the alternative options, and the metrics being considered, if they’ve not already been addressed by the school,” he said.

However, Mellman says that its also been a nice experience to see students come together to help protect one another. 

“It is really gratifying to see classmates share things like information,” he says.