Athletes in focus: Tiffany and Trinity White

Tiffany and Trinity White went from setting up fake wrestling matches in their living room to competing in state tournaments. They are the first pair of sisters the OPRF wrestling program has ever included on its roster.

Their brother, 2016 OPRF graduate Isaiah White, was a successful athlete in the wrestling program. This family history of wrestling has helped the sisters. “They’ve been in the competitions they’ve watched, they’ve been exposed to it,” says head coach Fred Arkin.

Trinity White, sophomore and two-year varsity athlete, says, Tiffany “is my partner. She pushes me to be better.” Trinity White got second in the state tournament last year.

The sisters are “very competitive” with one another, says senior Tiffany White. The pair enjoys wrestling with one another and pushing each other.

Despite their competitive nature, the sisters ultimately know it’s all to make each other better athletes and it does not come between them. Practicing with one another is key to their improvement. “Everything we do in practice will lead up to our meets,” Tiffany White says.

Though she is younger, Trinity still finds ways to support her sister. “Before her match I hype her up. If she loses, I try to keep her spirits high,” she says.

Besides support from her sister, Tiffany White has seen success in wrestling through her work ethic and hard work. “She has a passion to be the best,” Arkin says.

Competing is what makes all of Tiffany White’s hard work worth it. “The suspense leading up to competitions and the feeling … while you’re competing, it’s probably my favorite part,” she says.

Tiffany White has been a role model for not only her sister but everyone on the team. Senior Bentley Hills says, “Tiffany helps the younger wrestlers out a lot, she’s always setting a good example, giving them good advice.”

Trinity White, who was initially opposed to wrestling, has now found a close knit community in her teammates. “There’s a lot of moments being around my teammates and my friends on the team that bring me joy,” she says.

The White sisters “make the atmosphere enjoyable,” says Hills. “They make wrestling fun when it gets hard.”

“We’ve got a very strong team cohesiveness and camaraderie,” Arkin says.

After an undefeated season for Trinity White, she plans on continuing wrestling for OPRF even after her sister graduates. The loss will not go unnoticed. “I won’t have a partner as good as her,” Trinity White says “I’m going to have to find somebody to push me like she does.”

Tiffany White plans to wrestle next year in college. Her decision was impacted by “the coaches talking about how supportive their teams (were) and talking about how fun it is,” she said.

The first Illinois State Tournament in Bloomington for girls is being held Feb. 25-26. Updates on the tournament will be posted on and @oprftrapeze on Instagram.