Recording studio amplifies student voices


Makerspace recording studio

Since the Student Resource Center opened its doors last year, students have been using it for both school work and personal projects. One place where they can do both is the new recording studio at the back of the SRC.

The recording studio is a small, soundproof room adjacent to the Makerspace area. It allows students to take a more creative route while doing school projects and gives them the opportunity to expand their out-of-school passions.

“It’s open regardless of whether you’re doing it with a class or not,” said Andrew Fredrickson, the instructional technology teacher leader who manages the recording studio. “I have a lot of students who just book the room for their own personal projects.”

Students have used the recording booth inside the studio to record themselves singing and the green screen room to create music videos, according to Fredrickson and Emily Levison, an instructional technology coordinator. Due to the variety of equipment available, the students have the option of combining the audio and video to create one piece, they noted.

Students have also made books on tape and video game voice overs. They can also utilize the podcast table to make podcasts with other students, Fredrickson and Levison added.

The recording studio is also open to faculty and staff, and teachers have been encouraging their students to use the studio for school assignments. According to Fredrickson and Levison, a Spanish teacher even had her students go into the booth four at a time and use the podcasting table to record a podcast with both Spanish and English words.

The recording studio has been popular and has typically been booked every day for several weeks. Senior Amyr Desruisseaux, who helps other students record when they use the booth, said students are often eager “to go in the booth and record.”

Junior Manolo Avalos used it for the first time to make an environmental podcast.

Last year the recording studio had a soft opening in the library, but this is the first year the recording studio has been on the second floor. With this new placement, the recording studio has natural light from giant windows facing the football field.

As of now, the studio is rather cramped with equipment for both video and audio recording, but, as the recording studio gains more attention, the hope is the studio will be split into two spaces, one space for vocal recording and one for video recording. “I would love to expand and separate the video element from the audio element,” Fredrickson said. “It’s a little bit cramped; there is a lot of lighting gear, but also audio gear.”

As the year goes on, more students will surely use the studio for their own creations. To book time in the studio or find more information, visit