Getting Involved

Oak Park and River Forest High School offers many ways to get involved, whether through a sport or a favorite hobby. With more than 85 clubs and activities to participate in, it can be difficult figuring out which one(s) are for you. Luckily, the school provides many ways for students to do so.

The most consistent way is through the daily announcements sent via email to students, guardians and staff members, which include information about activities hosted at the school that day and in the near future.

Also, each year the school will host different events to motivate students to be productive members of the school community and to give students opportunities to participate.

Last school year in April, the school held its first-ever job fair that included a variety of jobs for teens, ranging from working at the movie theater to joining the military. The job fair was a hit, and it helped many of my classmates commit to an organization.

On Oct. 11 during all lunch periods, there was a student activity fair held in the West Gym which consisted of club advertisements, cool posters, fun trivia and mini-postcards that had additional information about the requirements and when and where a given club meets. There was no pressure to sign up, and it was a great way to become immersed in what the school has to offer.

Every Thursday during lunch periods, Principal Lynda Parker sits in the Student Activity Center, open minded and ready to speak to any and all students about ways to improve the school and make students more comfortable. When I went to her with concerns about how influential temporary IDs are, she gave me insight on ways they keep students and staff members safe and how they build responsibility in teens–and she asked me what could make things better. She took notes and went as far as giving me resources for the club I partake in, Black Leaders Union.

So, remember to listen and look out for the daily announcements, share your opinions, have a one-to-one with Principal Parker during lunch, and get prepared for inclusive events held just for you.