Logo contest winners announced for OPRF 150th anniversary

The winners of this year’s Huskie Booster Club Logo Contest are freshman Julia Sylvester in both first and second place with her two designs and sophomore Frances Berta in third.

The annual contest takes place each November, with winners announced in December. This year, unlike in years past, students who participated were asked to incorporate the number 150 for Oak Park and River Forest High School’s upcoming 150th anniversary.

In addition to incorporating the number 150, the winning designs need to be able to be printed in both black and white and color. “The winning logo will appear on a variety of merchandise, street banners, keychains, mugs, T-shirts and more,” said Karin Sullivan, executive director of communications and community relations for Oak Park and River Forest High School.

From about 100 different logos and around 80 student submissions, Sullivan and the Booster Club decided on the winners Wednesday, Nov. 30. The winners were announced to the public on Thursday, December 15.

The logo contest is a jump start to the year long 150th anniversary celebration Sullivan is in charge of that will take place during the duration of the 2023-2024 school year.

Huskie Booster Club Vice President Sylvia Westmeyer explained that the annual logo contest became more important to the Booster Club during the COVID pandemic. They wanted the student body to connect with each other and to feel more involved while also “highlighting students’ artwork,” she said.

Sylvester wanted to participate in the contest because “it felt like a good opportunity to contribute to the school and a fun reason to create something that will get recognition.” With the logo contest being her first high school art competition she was extremely excited to win first and second place.

Sylvester has been interested in art for as long as she can remember but has only started doing digital art, like the logo design, more recently, she said.

Of her experience, Sylvester said, “Overall, creating a logo was a lot of fun and pushed me to create something I haven’t had the opportunity for in the past.”