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    Dump Trump but keep him on the ballot

    Donald Trump’s supporters already have distrust in the American political system. Here’s why taking Trump off the ballot will only make things worse–for everyone.

    In December, the Colorado Supreme Court was the first to apply to a presidential candidate a rarely used constitutional ban under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment against persons who “engaged in insurrection.”

    Later that month, the Maine secretary of state banned Trump for the ballot for the same reason. The Illinois State Board of Elections is considering similar action, according to The Hill, a prominent political website.

    This attention sparked conversation yet made no progress. State Supreme Court justices in Colorado said in their decision that “Mr. Trump would be allowed to remain on the ballot if the case was appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.” The court accepted the case, raising the possibility that Trump will remain on the ballot.

    Appeals from Trump and the Colorado Republican Party thrust the Supreme Court into the center of a politically fraught case that not only raises novel legal questions but has huge implications for the 2024 presidential election.

    Moreover, concerns arise about the potential backlash from supporters who feel disenfranchised. This could lead to skepticism about the fairness of the electoral system and diminish trust in democratic institutions. The importance of fostering an inclusive and participatory democracy cannot be overstated.

    All in all, we don’t want to create another excuse for Trump supporters to slander the process or question Democratic candidates.

    It would be premature to disqualify Trump because although he has been indicted on various charges related to the Jan. 6 insurrection, he hasn’t been convicted of anything. After all, Republican states could use the tactic to knock Democratic candidates off future ballots. Democrats aren’t playing their cards correctly, and conservative officials will use this as collateral to exacerbate political divisions in the country. As usual, Trump will use this as a new grievance to rally against.

    In no way do I want Trump to hold office, specifically for his role in the insurrection. Without a doubt, Donald Trump should be far from any position of power. While I do admire the Democrats working hard to prevent his candidacy, democracy will be hindered by removing him from the ballot.

    The only way to counteract the dangers of Trump is to beat him at the ballot in a fair fight.

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