Swimming splashes into a new season

Imani Johnson, Staffer

The varsity swim girls splash into a great season with a win to start the season. The girls’ optimistic attitude brings them together and creates a unique team dynamic.


The girls hope to advance to sectionals this year, but senior Olivia Elmiger makes it clear it´s not only skill that will lead them there. ¨In order to succeed, we have to work together and do well in every single meet. Having good sportsmanship is what will lead us to sectionals.”


While the sun is barely hitting the horizon, the girls are already up, in the pool, and training for their next meet. While practices so early in the morning may be tough for most, the girls realize the importance of working hard. “We have to work hard at practice, have determination and passion in order to achieve our goals,” said Elmiger.
Talent is being seen at many levels this season. “A lot of good seniors did leave,” Elmiger said, “but we also have a lot of good seniors, juniors, and even some good freshman.” The encouraging spirit of the team, hard work, and dedication sets them apart from the rest.