Editorial: Trump’s hypocrisy on vaping demonstrates his real priorities

Seth Engle, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2019

Early this month, the Trump administration said it would look to ban vaping products some time within the next few months. “We can’t allow people to get sick,” Trump said. “And we can’t have our kids be so affected....

History buffs bridge minority gap with new course offering

Camille Grant, Staffer

September 27, 2019

For the past six months, senior Josh Ogunsaya has been rallying for an honors African-American history class. Ogunsaya, a varsity wrestler and history buff, said unfortunately he has grown accustomed to being one of only a han...

Cornerback #17, Jalen Bates.

OPRF Football season preview

September 26, 2019

September 'Scopes

September ‘Scopes

September 26, 2019

Letter to the Editor: Bidding farewell to morning announcements

Ben More, Community Member

September 26, 2019

OPRF has ushered in advisory periods. The addition of a few minutes means we as a school no longer have space in our lives for one of OPRF’s most iconic traditions: the morning announcements. I remember being a freshman still...

Column: Music to Me

Jane Houseal, Contributor

September 26, 2019

I am not a musician. I am unable to sing or play an instrument.  It took me years to learn to clap on time to “We Will Rock You.”  Regardless, music is one of the most important things in my life - as can be said for a lot of pe...

Your vaccination keeps me alive

Holden Green, Contributor

September 26, 2019

Everyone who can be vaccinated, should be vaccinated. When people aren’t vaccinated, they risk not only their health, but the health of people around them. In OPRF, a school of 3,500+ people, one infected person can easily create...

Girls swim team fights water crisis

Jack Duffy, Contributor

September 26, 2019

 On Aug. 30, the OPRF girls swim team held a swim-a-thon to raise money for a water well to be installed in an impoverished community in Swaziland.  The swim team partnered with the Thirst Project, an organization dedicated to bringing cl...