NFL Week 9/10

Week nine recap, Bears talk, and week 10 game picks with OPRF linebacker Jake Birmingham


Week 9 Takeaways

49ers: The Niners are in trouble. They just got killed, and they still don’t have a QB. At this point, I just don’t see a path for them to make the playoffs.


Bills: I underestimated this team. I did not like their chances of beating the Seahawks last week, but they handled them with no problem.


Seahawks: I thought they were the obvious best team in the NFC before they lost that game. They’ve now lost their last two road games. They’ve got to prove they can beat good teams on the road.


Ravens: This was a much-needed win for the Ravens. If they can easily beat the Colts on the road, there aren’t many teams they should be concerned about losing to.


Colts: I think this loss to the Ravens marks the beginning of the end for the Colts this season. They have a tough road ahead of them.


Chiefs: That was a close win over the Panthers, but they’re 8-1, so a close game is nothing to be worried about. Mahomes looks like he is back in MVP form.


Panthers: That was a very impressive performance. It’s too bad that CMC was out all that time because they looked like an elite team this week. It’s probably too late for the Panthers to make a playoff run, but who knows.


Vikings: Since their bye in week seven, Dalvin Cook and Vikings look like a whole new team. Whether they end up making the playoffs or not, they are going to be a challenge for opponents down the road.


Raiders: Even though the Chargers were 2-5, they had been playing well, so this was an impressive road win for the Raiders. If they continue to win games like these, they have a good shot of making the playoffs.


Dolphins: Well who would’ve thought. A few weeks ago I questioned their decision to bench Fitzmagic, but now it looks like a brilliant move.


Cardinals: They can’t lose games like these if they want to win the highly-competitive NFC West.


Buccaneers: Ah, the Antonio Brown curse. But in all seriousness, three points is pathetic, and Brady is at fault for that hideous performance.


Saints: After that absolute domination, it’s hard to say that this team won’t win the division for the third straight year.


What’s up wit Da Bears


This could be the last time I ever write this piece because I’m not sure I can continue to watch this excuse of a football team. I’d have to admit, things didn’t look too bad for the Bears offense on their first drive of the game, but then they failed to convert on a fourth and one, and everyone was reminded of how bad this Bears offense actually is.

On paper, it might seem like the Bears offense played a solid game. They had more time of possession, 11 first downs, and nearly 150 yards more of total offense. Nick Foles also had a pretty nice stat line, as he completed 36 of 52 passes for 335 yards and a pair of touchdowns, which both came in the fourth quarter. But in reality, Nick Foles’ offense played a terrible game. The Bears offense has a few different problems, so it’s unfair to put all the blame on one person. That being said, I think that Nick Foles has had his chance to make this offense work, and he hasn’t. So, I am officially endorsing Mitchell Trubisky to get the starting job back when he recovers from his shoulder injury, which he got in the single snap he played against the Saints.

The only good news for the Bears is that their schedule eases up in the weeks to come. This Monday night, the Bears will take on Dalvin Cook, the league’s leading rusher, and the Vikings, who have won two straight games.


Last Week’s Picks Results


Seth: 11-2

Josh: 9-4, 33-20 Overall

Dante: 9-4, 33-20 Overall

Calvin: 8-5, 34-19 Overall

Archie: 7-6, 33-20 Overall


Week 10 Game Picks


Sunday 12 P.M.


Buccaneers at Panthers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie



Texans at Browns

Josh Calvin Dante Archie



Football Team at Lions

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Jaguars at Packers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Eagles at Giants

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Sunday 3:05 P.M.


Bills at Cardinals

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Broncos at Raiders

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Chargers at Dolphins

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Sunday 3:25 P.M.


Bengals at Steelers

Josh Calvin Dante Archie



Seahawks at Rams

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


49ers at Saints

Josh Calvin Dante Archie



Sunday 7:20 P.M.


Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Monday 7:15 P.M.


Vikings at Bears

Josh Calvin Dante Archie Jake


Guest Records

Seth Engle: 11-2, Week 9

Ledbetter: 6-7, Week 8