A Letter From the Editors

a quick update from Trapeze on the school year ending

Editorial Board

An Update from Trapeze:


As the 2019-2020 school year comes to an end in a way none of us could have expected, Trapeze is preparing for all the possibilities next year holds. We will continue to report updates regarding announcements and regulations as they come from the school board, the governor, and the federal government as they affect life for OPRF and its students. 

We will also continue to post stories about all aspects of our new lives, as we always try our best to report about student life holistically. 

Considering we can not publish physical papers temporarily, we will be posting our stories on trapezeonline.com. Follow our Instagram @oprftrapeze, run by the editors, where we will post whenever we add stories to our website.

We strongly encourage and appreciate any student contributions or recommendations for features. Please feel free to contact us through social media or email us at [email protected] for further inquiries. 

Finally, we would like to recognize our senior editors and staffers for all their time and effort dedicated to honest and thoughtful reporting for Trapeze. Seth Engle, Aidan Koch, Finn Greenstone, Ella Haas, Delaunay Krauter, and Julia Youman: we will miss you but we know you are going to find great success after high school. Congratulations to all of OPRF seniors and best of luck.

We know OPRF students, families, staff, and faculty are working hard to stay safe and healthy, follow regulations, and  we hope you are finding some moments of joy in this new normal.




Trapeze Editorial Board 2020-2021

Libby Eggert, Camille Grant,

Calvin Roe, Josh Hedrich,

Sophia Desai, Holden Green