Get to know our VPs

President Donald Trump, 74, and former Vice President Joe Biden, 77, are the oldest major general election candidates, ever.

With that age, it should come as no surprise that Trump and Biden are under scrutiny for their health. Their old age, along with other health concerns, have created concerns that they are not fit for office.

It was a wise, and very deliberate, move for Trump to pick Mike Pence, 61, and for Biden to pick Kamala Harris, 55, as running mates. If anything happens to the new commander-in-chief come the next four years, there will be a younger replacement to take over.

It is imperative to know who the vice president picks are, for it is possible they will lead us soon. Although some believe former Vice President Biden and President Trump are relatively similar in values, the opposite is true for the two vice presidential candidates.

Harris has served as District Attorney of San Francisco and Attorney General of California, and currently serves as a United States senator. Vice President Pence served in the United States House of Representatives before becoming Indiana’s governor in 2013.

They had different paths to the 2020 Vice Presidency, and they are incredibly different from one another politically.

Although this infographic is not all-encompassing, it does show some key differences between the strongly liberal Senator Harris and the strongly conservative Vice President Pence. Their differences on religion, abortion, defense, and LGBTQ+ rights are nearly polar opposites.

Winter is coming, but so is a new term. I hope either this chart helped you forge opinions on either candidate or affirm the ones you already hold. As third President Thomas Jefferson said: “[a]n educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.”