Noteworthy gives notable performance

My friend and I decided to go to the Noteworthy showcase at the last minute. I hadn’t been able to get anybody else to write about the performance, so I decided to write the story myself.

I wasn’t thrilled to be sitting in OPRF’s cold auditorium on a day I had off of school. I took out my pen and mini green notebook and prepared to take notes, as if I didn’t already take enough notes at school.

But shortly after the show began, I realized I should have been paying attention to Noteworthy long before the spring of my senior year.

The show started with four solos. Each song had a different genre and emotion, with lighting corresponding with the overall feeling. All singers got into character and delivered powerful and entertaining solos.

After the solos, the lights lowered and the audience cheered, enthusiastically awaiting the show choir’s first public performance all school year.

The show began with an unintentionally dramatic moment, as a technical difficulty stalled the performance. After the curtain rose, Noteworthy members stood frozen in the darkness for what felt like five minutes. Audience members cheered, laughed, and jokingly shined iPhone flashlights on the stage.

Finally, the lights came on and the real fun began. Students, wearing sparkly dresses and sleek suits, danced energetically on risers while singing the Go-Go’s classic “Get Up and Go.” What followed was 30 minutes of timeless entertainment.

I was blown away by the talent of my peers. The singing and dancing were incredible, but what was really impressive was the group’s ability to do both at the same time for half an hour. Behind the dancers was a live band. When I looked away from the stage to write my notes, I could have mistaken it for a professional recording. Noteworthy performed songs ranging from Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September,” to BTS’s “Butter.”

For members of Noteworthy, the school year has not gone according to plan. However, audience members would never guess that the choir had experienced cancellations and changes in leadership shortly before the show. Noteworthy performed like a choir that had been together for years. It was like watching a live version of “Glee.”

I left the performance energized and inspired. I’m thankful to have had the chance to witness Noteworthy before I graduate high school.