Rothschild’s note on fleeting media

Some may view the future of journalism as bleak with the rise of social media, the decline in trust in media, and decreasing attention spans, along with other factors. However, Rothschild remains optimistic.

“As long as people are being receptive and responsive to the way things are changing, I think there will always be a future in the industry,” he says.

One way Rothschild and Axios are adapting is by the length of their stories, reflective in their slogan “Smart Brevity.” “The reality is we have short attention spans and they (readers) often just read the headline or just read the tweet,” he says. “So it is important to think about context, not just what you’re writing but what you’re leaving out of social media posts.”

Therefore, Rothschild sees the need to still have good journalism in the age of growing technology.

“No amount of automation and AI is going to be able to tell you the key context that you need,” he says.