“Jesus is King” Kanye’s tribute to God

Sophia Desia, Staffer

Recently Kanye West has become very prevalent in media, with his MAGA-hat-wearing support of President Trump and statements that run along the lines of blaming black people for slavery. On Oct. 25 he released an album all about religion.

Most fans of Kanye say Old Kanye is (and always will be) better than New Kanye. As Kanye himself said “I miss the old Kanye.” Remember when 10 years ago Kanye ran up on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards and interrupted Taylor Swift declaring Beyonce had the better music video? Remember in 2005 when in response to president Bush’s reaction to Hurricane Katrina, Kanye said that the (then) President “doesn’t care about black people”? When West gained fame due to his 2004 album “The College Dropout” he wrote about “drug dealing just to get by”? Speaking of the people living in impoverished communities being forced to drug deal just to survive. Kanye literally went form “And she be dealing with some issues you can’t believe. Single black female addicted to retail” to in his 2018 album “ye” in which he rapped “I’ma pray for him ‘cause he got MeToo’d. Thinkin’ what if that happened to me too.” 

Many opinions surround the new Kanye album “Jesus is King.” Since 2010 when Kanye released “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” Kanye has released his albums every three years, in 2010 we had “Yeezus” (2013) “Life of Pablo” (2016), then now “Jesus is King” (2019) fans suspected another album this year.

“Jesus is King” consists of 11 songs, six of which relate to Christianity and/or God in the name. Although, all of which talk about the religion in the songs. “I liked about three songs on the album but the rest was just like “you my chick-fil-a,” says an anonymous student at OPRF. Meaning some of the songs were really good but the others were just… in a lack of better word… stupid. “you my chick-fil-a” comes from his song “Closed on Sunday” referring to the chain restaurant Chick-Fil-A which is always closed on Sundays. Another student also feels similarly, he says “I liked some of the songs but the rest was a little too much for me.” It seems that most people have no problem with gospel music, although they do find a problem in listening to almost half an hour of religious preaching. 

This album was released after months of Kanye traveling all over the country with his Sunday Services.